ZeroTier’s struggle with balancing political values and technical architecture


It’s not new that technologists think that their inventions will shape society for the better. We’re starting to realize that our technical decisions have a huge effect on others. This is particularly true when we see geeks try and react to the control of surveillance. We’ve got some values, how do we built technology systems which reflect and support those values.

A good example of this is Adam Ierymenko’s struggling with the tradeoffs in designing a robust and secure networking protocol in ZeroTier.

Each time we build things, it’s a series of tradeoffs. There is no single way to do it. We’re making decisions which are simultaneously technical and political. What will this system do and how will it work? Does ZeroTier require configuration or not, does it support robust encryption or believe in transparency. Some of these decisions will be critical to it’s adoption and others will just shape the way it works and who uses it.

Reviving my blog


After a break i’ve decided i want to have my blog back, so i’m going to revive it. I started blogging back in 2000, 14 years ago. The concept of blogging has gone in and out of style in over the years, but it seems to me it’s actually a good place to have a long term place to put your own writing.